Different Ways For Searching A Document

Payam Integrated Library System provides some different methods for searching required documents. these various search methods ensure that users of this system can find their desired documents by minimume informatiom about them.You can access to these search methods by selecting search items from the library menu. Following we discribe these different ways:

Quick Search (CTRL+A)
In this search method users can search concurrently on multiple databases. This method uses Payam Search Engine which is designed on most efficient algorithms in order to search between documents as fast as it possible.

Advance Search (CTRL+S)
This search method must be your choice if you want to logically combine the search phrases and perform complex search. For Example if you want to find documents which their authors are "Mark Twain" or their titles contain "edge of reason" and their titles do not contain "The Prince and the Pauper", you must use this search method.

Content Search(CTRL+W)
As you know Payam Integrated Library System provides the benefits of using digital documents. This search method is designed to search through the contents of digital documents in system.

Simple Search (CTRL+S)
By using this method you can search for a special phrase flexibly.

Documents List
This is a tree view of documents base on authors, titles and ... .